Tandak's Catering Menu


  • Sticky chicken canapés £1.70 each

    A miniature version of the popular Tandak’s sticky chicken served on a cute bamboo skewer or a bamboo boat.

  • Mini spring rolls (v) 65P each

    A miniature version of spring rolls filled with a delicious carrot and cabbage mixture

  • Mini wraps £1.70 each

    Quirky mini wraps with a delicious tandoori chicken filling or paneer for a vegetarian option

  • Paneer bites (v) 85P each

    Individual Paneer chunks marinated in our tandoori masala

  • Pakora Bites 65P each

    Cauliflower florets dipped into a spicy pakora batter

  • Mini Aloo tikki with chutney shot (v) £1.70 each

    Miniture version of our aloo tikki, served with chutney in a shot glass

  • Prawn bites £1.70 each

    Sautéed prawns in a garlic butter, served with chilli and onion chutney

  • Sandwich bites 65P each

    Mini sandwiches with a choice of cheese & cucumber filling or tandoor chicken

  • Cheese and onion pastry bites (v) 65P each

    Mini pastries filled with a delicious cheese and onion filling

  • Mini pasta pots (v) £1.20 each

    Fusili pasta served with a choice of cheese & tomato, chicken breast or vegetables

  • Sliders £2.75

    Southern fried chicken sliders layered with fresh salad and cheese for the perfect bite.

  • Coloured Sliders £4

    Miniature version of our signature burgers available in different colours. Vegetarian option available.

  • Hot Dogs £3.50

    Brioche buns filled with a spicy sausage.

  • Mini Pizzas (V) £1

    Mini pizza bases topped with cheese and tomato.

  • Gola Kebab with Chutney Shot £1.60

    Small meatball sized kebab served on top of a chutney shot.

  • Gola kebab shots £1.70
  • Chaat Shot £2.50

    Our famous chaat served in shot glasses.

  • Samosa Chaat Shot £3.00

    Our famous chaat topped with samosa chunks, served in a shot glass.

  • Aloo tikki shot £1.70
  • Mini Samosas £65 p
  • Fruit Salad Shots £2.50
  • Gol Gappe Shots £1.30
  • Mini Popadoms & Mango Chutney £1.20 pp


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*Please note that there is a minimum order of 10 people for the mains, canapés and selected items in the starters and desserts.

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