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Thank you so much from myself and my whole team. We absolutely loved your kebabs and chutney! Cannot even explain how good they were; you were highly complimented by everyone.

I can't wait to order more for future occasions. On behalf of the NHS and our beloved nurses, thank you Tandak's.
JZK and than you so much for the platter; it was a lifesaver and more than enough for my family. It was a joy to see my family enjoy it, especially the little ones! My husband began eating from the platter seconds after he received it at the door, lol.

Thank you again!
Platter 2 was amazing. The flavours were so rich! The sticky chips and chicken were my FAVE!

Thank you for the beautiful food and the amazing service. You guys did not disappoint.

Saying that, I look forward to placing more orders!
The food was so delicious. Thank you! I am so fussy with outdoor food but this was so YUM and homemade too!

Everything was so nice, and everyone loved the food!
Mashallah the food was outstanding!

Yet again, you have fulfilled out eid and my inlaws and family all loved it. There was so much food and still plenty for leftovers. Thank you and stay blessed!
Thank you so so so much for the food. I wish I had taken photos. I put it out, came back 5 minutes later with my phone to take the photos and it had been demolished.

Everyone said they were amazing and delicious. I'm very impressed.
Thank you for delivering my order on time. It was very tasty. We all enjoyed it. All my orders from you have been consistently tasty and well-packed .

Would definitely recommend you to my friends! Thank you.
Thank you so much for the lasagne; my kids loved it! It had just the right amount of spices and I was impressed with the delivery. It was nice to eat it hot.

Thanks again! Will order again soon Inshallah!
Thank you so much once again for delivering the amazing food you do. Aloo Chaat, our fave, was so TASTY! I could eat that all day long.

The burgers were epic and my kids loved them; will have to order more of them next time as me and my hubs missed out.

The biryani (one of the best) was full of flavour, the aroma was mouth-watering. Absolutely loved it! And hedgehogs are a must with my order (we are addicted to them!) The tastiest things ever! So glad I ordered an extra box.

Worth every penny. LOVE your food. Those hands of yours are magic. And thanks to your hubby for coming out to deliver.
OMG, the food was just lush! Everyone enjoyed the Katlama and Lasagne especially. Everything was just spot on!

You managed to make the presentation of the dishes so nice. The papri chart looked soo good. Not to mention, not only did the food look good but it tasted amazing. Thank you for your time and effort. Honestly, it was so lovely to see my family enjoy the food. And gave us a chance to not cook!

Loved everything about it. Keep it up!
Everyone tucked in before I could take a proper picture. There's usually pudding iftari for leftovers but this one was finished in 15 minutes.

The lamb chops were juicy and the flavour was perfect! Chicken Shawarma wraps were also flavourful. Everything was perfect!

JZK for the great service. My husband loved the food. I'd happily order this over going to the restaurant.
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